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I dont care about you fuck you

20 March
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I dont know what the hell to write in here, I guess i should start with..i play the bass and sing. Other than that i spend most of my time drawing and taking random pictures. I like making flyers. Oh and going to shows :D Im pretty much a friendly person to anyone, unless you piss me off. I tend to get along with pretty much anyone. I also like making my own clothes and collecting vynil. I have a shitty job but it pays the bills at the moment. I'm fascinated by the supernatural with haunted houses and spirits, things like that. It scares the shit out of me, but my curiousity always wins. I also like watching the forensics channel. Learning about the human psyche and sociology. I like analyzing things through every point of view before coming into a conclusion. I take great interest in astrology, card reading and palmistry. I ♥vintage cars and i ♥alcohol even more. I also am known for debating with people about politics, feminism, and religion. I stand by what i believe in and have the mouth to argue about it. No i don't believe in god, jesus... whatever helps you sleep at night is your deal don't try to pin me along. I wont judge you for it, as long as you do the same. I don't discrimante against beliefs, everyone has the right to believe in anything they want. i have chosen not to. So be it. Thats all i have to say for the moment...
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